neděle 8. května 2011


This blog, as a part of a Media Literacy Project is trying to show that advertising is controversial, as well as deceptive.
Aim of this blog is to show that advertising has strong impact on customers. It makes world to look as a perfect place, but it is not true at all. Advertising is used by companies to promote their products among people.
Moreover, advertising set prices of the products, if there were no advertisement, products would be much cheaper, but it would be much harder for the customers to orient in this area.
According to American marketing association advertising is defined as any paid form of non-personal presentation and the menu of ideas, goods or services through an identifiable sponsor. It is therefore form of communication with commercial intention.
There are different types of advertisement, such as serious, funny and negative. In my opinion people are frustrated by advertisement, because they attack them everywhere, in subway, on the internet, on radio, television, etc.

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