neděle 8. května 2011

Educational articles

Firstly I have chosen article which is called: Children s understanding of TV advertising: Effects of age, gender and parental influence. In this article is written that children are mostly misleaded by the advertising, because they can not distinguish TV programs from commercials and it is hard for them to find the intention of the advertisement. There are two variables which affect their perception of advertising, such as verbal and nonverbal measures. The author claims that ,,the frequency of parent-child interaction on the TV advertising does not have an effect on a childs understanding of TV advertising". The result of this research reveals that about 23 percent of the children are misleaded by advertisements. Their answers included that Programs are fun, commercials are not, commercials are real and programs are not.
Second article I would like to mention is called: Alcohol abuse prevention campaign in two secondary schools in Ibadan North Local Government area, Oyo state, Nigeria. This article is about influence of Mass Media advertisement on adolescents alcohol use and abuse. This research revealed that several alcohol abuse had misconception about alcohol, caused by misleading advertisement. The author admits that,, advertising has a big impact on the use of alcohol. The result of this research also revealed that advertisement of alcohol are uncontrolled, especially TV and Radio. The author also suggests that their rights are being violated through their exposure to alcoholic advertisement.


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