neděle 8. května 2011

2 seperate current events

First example I would like to mention is about Kodak printer, misleading advertisement. In this advertisement was claimed that Kodak printer saves up to 75 pounds a year on your printing costs, particularly on your ink. Moreover it is all in one high quality printer so you may use it for any purpose. After many complaints from the public and deep research, Advertising Standards Authority decided that Kodaks claim about the saving costs up to 75 pounds are misleading. The most interesting finding was that there was small print attached to the advertisement, which claimed that you save up to 75 pounds if you copy about 1500 documents per year, which is almost impossible for most of the users. Kodaks advertisement was disallowed by the Advertising standards Authority, which means that they cant use this type of advertisement any more.
Another example I would like to mention is from Czech environment. Documentary comedy Czech Dream was hit into real lifes for many Czech citizens. 31st of May 2003 several thousands people gathered in a meadow in the prague district called Letňany. They came to this place, because they were attracted by advertising campaign, promising hypermarket Czech Dream with unprecedented low prices. The crowd,however, found only on the ground face cloth. This ,,friendly fraud" was part of the film made by students Vít Klusák and Filip Remunda. They ordered at one of the biggest advertising companies promotion of non-existent product. Then, by using camera they were watching how is the credible advertising being produced, which may not be the least supported by the fact. These events highlight the enormous power of advertising. People have to be more prudent in the area of advertising, mostly think about what they see, hear or read.

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