středa 18. května 2011

Blog Reccomendations

First blog I would like to reccomend is Beatrice´s Blog. In her blog she is writing about portrayals of women in our society. She points out interesting fact that media have big influence on the appearance of teenage girls and young women. Moreover media can influence the beggining of eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimie, which is current issue in many countries. In my opinion these portrayals of women by media are completely wrong. Just visit her blog and you find further information:

Second blog I would like to reccomend is Bob´s Blog. In his blog he is writing about Media Portrayals of Vietnamese minority. He points out that media have strong impact on shaping public opinion about Vietnamese people. Vietnamase people in the Czech Republic are mostly portrayed as a people who are unwilling to integrate with Czech culture, people who grow marijuana and sell fake goods. This is another example how media create false picture. Moreover he points out 4 stages in which minorities are portrayed by media. Such an interesting blog, here is the link:

Third blog which I find interesting is Peter´s blog. In his blog he is writing about Lost of Privacy in Modern Era. He points out dangers about internet using. He claims that if we use internet for shopping purpose, of if we just need to check our e-mail we always have to provide some personal information to be registered. These informations are mainly used by telecommunication companies, political parties, but thieves as well. It is horrifying to find out that there are people behind the curtain who deal with our personal information and decide for what purpose they will be used. People have to be extremely prudent when they use internet, there are hackers who want to steal our information. I would reccomend reading this blog to everyone, because all of us use internet in our everyday lives, but only few of us know the consequences of this action. Here is the link:

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