pondělí 9. května 2011

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Many companies claim that the energy drinks have incredible effects on human body, for instance they improve the stamina, increase vigilance. On the other hand these companies omit the fact that some of the contents are controversial. Such as taurine, which may be harmful for our health, because there is not enough research on this substance.
Mobile companies are mostly accused of misleading advertising. In this case O2 was reproved by the Advertising Standards Authority for an email sent to customers with a misleading discount holiday voucher.  In this advertisement was written that if you want to get 150 pounds discount, just visit yourtimeaway.co.uk. One of the customer complaint that he got only 80 pounds discount.
Banks are another example of misleading advertisement. In this particular case is stated that you may pay off all your taxes with extra cash at zero interest. There is a small print attached to this advertisement which includes another interest rates, there is also a fine print included. This advertisement is misleading, because it is unclear and the information is insecure as well.

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