středa 18. května 2011

Blog Reccomendations

First blog I would like to reccomend is Beatrice´s Blog. In her blog she is writing about portrayals of women in our society. She points out interesting fact that media have big influence on the appearance of teenage girls and young women. Moreover media can influence the beggining of eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimie, which is current issue in many countries. In my opinion these portrayals of women by media are completely wrong. Just visit her blog and you find further information:

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Ethics of advertising can be evaluated in terms of formal and material. Formal aspects may deceive, implement, operate and manipulate the human subconscious and the philosophical understanding of man, so it can influence and control human mind. The material aspect is ethically problematic in offering goods or pushing ethical problem needs, even though their formal aspect is absolutely correct. There is legislation which prohibits the use of deceptive advertisements, but in many cases this law is violated. Law then defines misleading advertising as any type of advertising which deceives or is likely to deceive the persons whom it is adressed or whom it reaches and its deceptive character has arguably affect their economic behavior. The main problems of ethics in advertising practice we may include these factors.
First case is called comparative advertising. In case of evaluation products or services by Testing institute, which is an independant expert commitee or consumer organization, which is crucial in terms of customers decision making, therefore the assesment is entirely acceptable from both legal and from an ethical perspective. According to the advertising council, advertising mustn´t either directly or indirectly discredit other products by comparison. Many ads circumvent the rule by comparing to the so-called "Ordinary detergent or soap". In one of the commercials on the so-called white electronics, the company relied on the assertion that only their iron is sparing to laundry, because it doesn´t burn the inflated baloon. In subsequent tests became clear that even an ordinary iron doesn´t burn the inflated balloon.
Second type of advertising applies especially to advertising media and their own news section. It is always controversial when it appears in a report some information about particular company, service or product. It is hard to evaluate, whether it was needed for the news or the journalist was personally involved in this promotion. For an illustrative example of hidden advertising we may see series of James Bond movies. However, it is very questionable to believe that it is surreptious advertising, because this form of promotion is accepted not only among Bond fans, but more or less by general public.
Third type is called use or abuse of women and children in advertising. Psychological knowledge proves that women in general are more affected to the view of children in advertising. Therefore, children are mostly placed into the ads to increase the attention and the attractiveness of the advertisement. Looking for a small children evokes parental emotion. The same case is with the abuse of women to promote men products. Another problem with this behavior of advertising agencies is the advertising of women as a means of promoting, as an advertising artifact.
To sum up my essay I would like to emphasize the important status of advertising in our society. Advertising helps us to orient among the wide range of products. On the other hand they use unethical practices, such as telemarketing companies who call random people and try to sell their products by using any methods. Nowadays people have to be extremely prudent when they sign anything and read everything carefully. Advertisement is everywhere.

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Many companies claim that the energy drinks have incredible effects on human body, for instance they improve the stamina, increase vigilance. On the other hand these companies omit the fact that some of the contents are controversial. Such as taurine, which may be harmful for our health, because there is not enough research on this substance.
Mobile companies are mostly accused of misleading advertising. In this case O2 was reproved by the Advertising Standards Authority for an email sent to customers with a misleading discount holiday voucher.  In this advertisement was written that if you want to get 150 pounds discount, just visit One of the customer complaint that he got only 80 pounds discount.
Banks are another example of misleading advertisement. In this particular case is stated that you may pay off all your taxes with extra cash at zero interest. There is a small print attached to this advertisement which includes another interest rates, there is also a fine print included. This advertisement is misleading, because it is unclear and the information is insecure as well.

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Educational articles

Firstly I have chosen article which is called: Children s understanding of TV advertising: Effects of age, gender and parental influence. In this article is written that children are mostly misleaded by the advertising, because they can not distinguish TV programs from commercials and it is hard for them to find the intention of the advertisement. There are two variables which affect their perception of advertising, such as verbal and nonverbal measures. The author claims that ,,the frequency of parent-child interaction on the TV advertising does not have an effect on a childs understanding of TV advertising". The result of this research reveals that about 23 percent of the children are misleaded by advertisements. Their answers included that Programs are fun, commercials are not, commercials are real and programs are not.
Second article I would like to mention is called: Alcohol abuse prevention campaign in two secondary schools in Ibadan North Local Government area, Oyo state, Nigeria. This article is about influence of Mass Media advertisement on adolescents alcohol use and abuse. This research revealed that several alcohol abuse had misconception about alcohol, caused by misleading advertisement. The author admits that,, advertising has a big impact on the use of alcohol. The result of this research also revealed that advertisement of alcohol are uncontrolled, especially TV and Radio. The author also suggests that their rights are being violated through their exposure to alcoholic advertisement.


2 seperate current events

First example I would like to mention is about Kodak printer, misleading advertisement. In this advertisement was claimed that Kodak printer saves up to 75 pounds a year on your printing costs, particularly on your ink. Moreover it is all in one high quality printer so you may use it for any purpose. After many complaints from the public and deep research, Advertising Standards Authority decided that Kodaks claim about the saving costs up to 75 pounds are misleading. The most interesting finding was that there was small print attached to the advertisement, which claimed that you save up to 75 pounds if you copy about 1500 documents per year, which is almost impossible for most of the users. Kodaks advertisement was disallowed by the Advertising standards Authority, which means that they cant use this type of advertisement any more.
Another example I would like to mention is from Czech environment. Documentary comedy Czech Dream was hit into real lifes for many Czech citizens. 31st of May 2003 several thousands people gathered in a meadow in the prague district called Letňany. They came to this place, because they were attracted by advertising campaign, promising hypermarket Czech Dream with unprecedented low prices. The crowd,however, found only on the ground face cloth. This ,,friendly fraud" was part of the film made by students Vít Klusák and Filip Remunda. They ordered at one of the biggest advertising companies promotion of non-existent product. Then, by using camera they were watching how is the credible advertising being produced, which may not be the least supported by the fact. These events highlight the enormous power of advertising. People have to be more prudent in the area of advertising, mostly think about what they see, hear or read.


This blog, as a part of a Media Literacy Project is trying to show that advertising is controversial, as well as deceptive.
Aim of this blog is to show that advertising has strong impact on customers. It makes world to look as a perfect place, but it is not true at all. Advertising is used by companies to promote their products among people.
Moreover, advertising set prices of the products, if there were no advertisement, products would be much cheaper, but it would be much harder for the customers to orient in this area.
According to American marketing association advertising is defined as any paid form of non-personal presentation and the menu of ideas, goods or services through an identifiable sponsor. It is therefore form of communication with commercial intention.
There are different types of advertisement, such as serious, funny and negative. In my opinion people are frustrated by advertisement, because they attack them everywhere, in subway, on the internet, on radio, television, etc.